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• 5/31/2015

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So When Will They Add Shrigan Byakugan and Mangekyo Shrigan to get shrigan they should have to kill someone who acceprted there freind request also more jutsu and they need the clan jutsu like shadowstyle fang over fang also when will they add a tailed beast mode with stage 1 2 and transform also biju mode also they need to add sealing jutsu the requirement is to seal  5 players to get tailed beast 1 but 1 seal costs all your chakra and 1/4 of you rage now when are they makeing in gameoney that you can use to get free clouths from the sevenths akatsuki jonin and genin outfits

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• 6/24/2015

You should get Sharangan when your an uchiha and then get to low health or see somebody in your village die.

Mangekyou sharangan should appear when you have about 50-100 kills and when you kill another Uchiha.

Eternal mangekyou sharangan is when you kill somoebody with Eternal Mangekyou sharangan with a 50% chance to salvage their eyes

if Rinnegan isnt an otsutsuki/hangoromo thing. (if it is its total BS) If you have uchiha and senju genes. (Uchiha and senju mother/father) Eternal mangekyou sharangan, and when you have low health

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