Naruto RPG V0.04! Squad System, PvP System, Ryo Market Shop System!


  • Mouselock fix
  • Wall climbing fix
  • A lot of Jutsu's that have been broken have been patched and fixed
  • Also balanced some Jutsu's

Squad System

  • Ability to create your own Squad name and Emblem
  • PVP option to be able to be safezone in your squad.
  • Invite up to 20 players to a squad. 

PvP System [STILL DECIDING ON PVP System update]

  • Their will be 
  • Village Servers are turning non-PVP with a Duel System [Player Challenge]
  • Other Servers will be Auto PvP

Bounty System (Changing)

  • Bounty System is changing into Squad System. Bounty System became useless due to it not being able to copy 50,000+ players into the Bounty Book. You'll now be able to create a squad and have a Squad Emblem. Their will be a friend teleport in the Squad Gui as well.

Ryo Market Shop System 

  • Will release a test version of the Market. Item's won't be placed onto it as of yet.

Mist Village 

  • Same size or equal to Leaf Village
  • Expect only a Mizukage Building [Detailed]

Allied Shinobi Forces and Akatsuki Hideout

  • ASF and Akatsuki Hideout will be group only after this update.

Naruto RPG V0.03! Balancing the game! The Balance Update & Bug Fix updates


Should Air Camping be taking out of the game?

The poll was created at 23:53 on July 12, 2015, and so far 1535 people voted.


  • Divine Wind Tornado (Less Speed)
  • Water Shark Bomb (Spam being removed, replaced with an equal stun to Wind Tornado)
  • Jin Cloak (Healing Slowed Down by 60%)
  • Kirin OP (Will be able to hit in sky, won't matter since air camp is being removed)
  • Twin Dragon Fire (Damage DE-OP)
  • Lava Floor (Removed of Fire ability put into Lava Element. Deoping Double Stun)
  • Sand Tsunami
  • Companion Minato (De-oping massively)

​Bugs Fix

  • Lotus 1 Hit + Fling
  • Rasengan Shuriken (Range De-OP)
  • CheckPoint fix
  • Radio bug (making a button to activate and deactivate)
  • Companion Glitch on leave


  • Uzumaki Clan Jutsu
  • Radio Option (You can now close the Radio)
  • Menu Option (You can now press M to activate and deactivate guis) - Clears screen of gui's
  • Lag Stress Test Reduction with DC phase 1 (We've made the game a bit faster with a new test on Test Server. Over 4 hours testing without a single DC)
  • Akatsuki Hideout