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Naruto RPG V0.053 - V0.065

HUGE NOTICE These updates will be releasing in pieces not all together

PLANNED BOUNTY RESET we are fixing the Bounty & Legend System. We'll have a notice up in game when we are resetting Bounty and Legend. Planned Reset: 8/14/15 [NO THIS WON'T RESET STATS] ... WE ARE NOT RESETTING RYO!

Ryo Shop:

  • Still planning this feature
  • Bounty and Legend will be required on getting items
  • Feature online available on Start Menu on the game

Jutsu Updates:

  • Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Lightning will all have complete lists of Jutsu's.

Sword Parrying / Jutsu Clashing:

  • Sword Parrying (Clashing) Basically what the title says
  • Jutsu Clashing, Basically what the title says. Some Jutsu's won't able to clash like Kirin, Lava Floor, basically magnitude jutsu's .. etc


  • Leaf Hot Wind, Drunken Fist, Uzumaki Barrage, Lions Barrage, Seven Heavens Breathing Method (Sand Village Gates) (Mode), and Full Eigth Gates (Mode).


  • No Listed moves yet.

Auto Saving Option

  • While fighting the "Game Saving" lags while it's auto saving. We are going to implement an option to turn off Auto Saving during for people whom are dueling or not training.

Cloud Village:

  •  Kumogakure 

Moon Village:

  • Getsugakure (Based on Toneri's (Otsutsuki) Castle)

Clan Skills (In order):

  • Senju Clan Skill
  • Nara Clan Skill
  • Inuzuka Clan Skill
  • Hyuga Clan Skill V2
  • Sharingan V2


  • Storm
  • Ink

Completed Updates:

Elements: [Completed]

  • Ice
  • Lava

Squad System: [Completed]

  • Party up to 5 friends
  • Have a Quad Logo
  • Custom Squad Name
  • Can't damage squad members

Otsutsuki and Hagoromo Clan Jutsu's: [Completed]

  • Yin & Yang Truth Seeking Balls
  • Tenseigan
  • Read the badges for more description

Mangekyou Sharingan: [Completed]

  • Unlockable with Levels and certain stats!

Genjutsu Insertion [Completed]

  • Now just going to add Genjutsu bit by bit.

Village Headbands: [Completed]

  • Achieved from being in the groups
  • WaistBands, Neckbands, and Armbands will be avaible to be purchase in RYO Shop.

Meeting Servers - 50 Player Servers [Completed]

We are banning members from holding exams at their private places. We've found out a bunch of users whom are abusing their power in Villages. Holding exams at your private places will come to an end. We are implementing places for you to hold exams. Only commands you'll receive are Shout, Teleport, and freeze/thaw

  • Akatsuki Hideout [Akatsuki Group only Admin commands]
  • Village [Allied Shinobi Forces Group only Admin commands]
  • Kage Summit [Ambassador's+ will receive commands]
  • Genin, Chunin, and Jonin exam arena's [Jonin Sensei's + will receive commands]
  • Ninshu Clan Meeting Server [Ninshu Group only Admin commands]