I have many suggestions of what should be added to NRPG. Feel free to comment or add more on the comment section.


-Some type of Rage Mode, effectiveness defined by rage stat. Could be given to Uchiha as a way of expressing the Curse of Hatred*

-A different type of Rage Mode, defined this time by amount of health. This could be given to Konohagakure Shinobi expressing the Will of Fire*

-Sunagakure Shinobi could be given a mode in which their health is increased dramatically, possibly expressing Gaara's flawless defense (this is a developing idea; please give suggestions in comment section)

  • Uchiha members of Konohagakure would be given only the Curse of Hatred related one, because it is said to overpower the Will of Fire in some cases, as in the case of Sasuke.


-Clans descended from Asura Otsutsuki should have a greater health and chakra while Clans descended from Indra Otsutsuki should have a higher overall attack power with their jutsus and possibly their taijutsu and equipment.

-Each of the Natures should have a weak nature and a strong nature, and the attack power of the jutsu is determined by the natures of the recipient of the jutsu. Ex. If a Katon user used Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu against a Fuuton user, the Fuuton user would take 1.5x as much damage as if a say, Doton user took the attack. A Suiton user would then take 1.5x less damage. In the case that the user is attacking someone who has both the weak and strong nature, that person would take the regular amount of damage.


-There should be a minimal amount of base jutsus (possibly the current amount) with a much larger amount of gamepass jutsus for each nature. This would fill up the remaining jutsu places, add a huge diversity in the jutsus people have, and add a source of income for Bb Studios.

-Certain taijutsu combo elements should be added. Such animation could be going to an Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 theme, hence hitting someone 3 times consecutively would initiate a combo sequence.

-Substitution jutsu should be able to be used while stunned from a taijutsu attack, as to provide a way to defend against a combo.

-Stun periods should be shortened to small amounts, second to half-second would be preferred. This would also allow for an integration of the UNS combo system idea stated above.

Again, I encourage you to add on to anything that could be improved here.

-Created by AulusGaiusAtius (Hashiro Uzumaki) of the Uzumaki clan.