More/Better Storylines: It's why we're here. If you aren't making an open-world RPG pay careful attention to your storyline. Find ways to make it deeper and interactive as often as you can. Sometimes a great storyline can save an RPG with so-so gameplay.

Balance The Game More: I hate having to have to grind for certain jutsus some times, that makes the game less enjoyable. Once you add atleast 10 jutstus for each element, you will be able to add more uniqueness to each Shinobi. you also shouldn't have deleted the ryo system, but do u.

Use A Soundtrack: fr.

Make the Players Active by Creating Live Events

Don't make everything based on numbers

add tons of items in games so players inventory's are not useless:

Cutscenes: pleasseeeee

XP or Ryo drops when you kill an NPC or player

Finding Items and being able to sell them: some items would sell for less,some 5 star weapons will sell for more. please dont make every findable weapon OP, they should be hidden in places according to thier rating. If it is a 1 star then it should be easy to find. etc.

Villager NPCs that give advice,jokes, or objects when you talk to them

Add more unique features to each player in the game: almost everyone in the game has lightning release.

Keep combat as consistent as possible: The fight system in this game is very tasteless. The attacks are very weak and by the time your opponent reaches up to half health, they have already ran. I'd be addicted to this game if the fights were more exciting, something that makes you say "ooo" after a combo. Special Hand 2 Hand combat should be added by using the Ctrl button. E should be a taijutsu parry or reversal and double Z should be used for weapons and such equipment. Stun should also be in-game.